Charlotte Muller is a silversmith and jewelry designer based in Seattle WA. She studied Metalsmithing and Jewelry Design in Colorado at the Metropolitan State University of Denver. 


My work focuses on combining sleek, modern, hard edges and angles with natural roughness and irregularity. I like to incorporate either a tactile or kinetic element in each piece that encourages the wearer to touch or interact with it. I try to design jewelry that makes a statement yet can be worn everyday.


Each piece is treated with an oxidation process that darkens the surface of the silver. This oxidation fades over time in places where the wearer touches or rubs the silver often. Each individual will interact with a piece of jewelry in a unique way. I want the people who wear my jewelry to have a personal connection to the piece, to be comfortable while wearing it, to want to touch or play with it, so that they can bring their own individual patina to each piece. 


The jewelry that you wear everyday, that is shiny where it rubs your finger or wrist, that has left a tan line on your neck or hand, those are your favorite pieces of jewelry, and those are the pieces I strive to create.